Non Metallic Pumps

SiCcast is a patented technology. Pumps made of SiCcast offer the best performance on applications which encounter corrosion and/or erosion.

The pumps are best suited for pumping abrasive slurries with small particles but can also be used for brines and seawater, where they have a lifetime corrosion warranty.

With stable pricing compared to exotic materials such as Super Duplex and Hastelloy, SiCcast pumps offer initial and total life cycle commercial benefits.

Renroc Group also a range of plastic mag drive pumps for handling acids and other aggressive chemicals for maximum service life and safety.

Renroc Group is proud to work with GEKO-Pumpen GmbH to supply this range of lined mag drive pumps.



SICcast units

  • Flows up to 20,000 m3/hr
  • Pressures up 10bar
  • Materials SiCcast


Plastic Mag Drive

  • Flows between 0.05m3/hr and 180m3/hr
  • 16bar pressure rating
  • Materials PTFE / PFA



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