Ram Pumps

Ram Pumps Ltd was formed in 1972 with the goal, as it remains today, to provide quality dependable, high pressure reciprocating pumps that exceed our customer’s expectations across an array of applications.


Through extensive research, experience and commitment, they have repeatedly supplied customer made engineering solutions to the highest standard and forged a reputation for reliability and continuous long-term performance.

All of their designs, products and processes are quality assured by  comprehensive quality systems and full duty pump test facilities. Through key fundamentals of innovation, continual improvement and customer focused approach, they have positioned themselves at the pinnacle of cutting edge pump design and customer service.

Ram Pumps specify, design, manufacture and install high quality, efficient and reliable pumps both into the current market and within our solution based project packages. All pump units meet the requirements of the most demanding industry applications, environments and specifications as well as our core design basis for API674 and Non API units.

Ram Pumps has an almost infinite variation of build options due to more than 40 years experience in constructing special purpose projects and packaged pumping equipment. The full range of pumps have been purposely designed without integral gearboxes to ensure we can provide the exact speed and power to meet the required duty point.

Suitable rated standard electric motor or any degree of special build or flame proof motors are selected in accordance with our client’s specification. Special drives inclusive of DC Motors, Torque Converters from AC Inverters to Diesel, Petrol or Gas Engines, to variable capacity mechanical or hydraulic power packs are available. Should a further transmissions step downs be required these can be provided by a gearbox, V-belt or timing belt drive.

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