Sero PumpSystems

Sero is the world’s foremost manufacturer of multifunction side channel pumps engineered to meet demanding process conditions.

• Low flows / High Differential Heads
• Low NPSH requirements
• High entrained gas capabilities
• Seal less, magnetic drive option

Headquartered in Germany, SERO PumpSystems is the world’s only exclusive manufacturer of side channel pumps. Since the issuance of their first side channel pump patent in 1929, SERO has continued to revolutionize the industrial pump industry. Specializing in individually configured pumping systems, SERO has consistently been on the leading edge of side channel pump design and technology.

SERO side channel pumps are capable of producing a high suction lift. This self-priming capability makes our side channel pump a good fit for top tank unloading or underground storage applications.

New Products: SEMIS

The SEMIS® is suitable for handling volatile or dangerous process fluids that contain high amounts of entrained gas (up to 50%) or valuable liquids that must be contained and controlled.As an example, the SEMIS® model is an excellent solution for pumping high value refrigerants in the industrial refrigeration engineering.

Horizontal, radially split, multi-stage, end suction, top discharge, foot mounted side channel pump with fully integrated totally enclosed canned motor. For improving of the NPSH-value the pump has a special suction impeller. The noise level is below 80 dB (A).

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