Oil & Gas Industry

The Renroc group is pleased to provide a large range of API and specialty centrifugal pumps for the demanding applications of the oil and gas industry. the range of pumps includes single stage, multistage and heavy-duty process pumps.

  • API 610 11th edition type OH, BB and VS single & multi stage horizontal radially split and heavy-duty centerline mounted process pumps.
  • API 610 material classes s-6, s-8, C-6 and A-8, d1 & d2 (other material combinations are available).
  • Sealless pumps including AAgAs
  • Specialist high Pressure pumps
  • Side Channel
  • ASME B73.1

Services covered but not limited by the Renroc Group pump range include

Column reflux

Column bottoms

Injection fuel blending

Gas oil

Hot oil

Reactor feed

Stabilizer overhead

Off-site hydrocarbon


LPG systems